Sleep Deprivation and Snoring

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This book talks about sleep deprivation and its management, so keep reading and tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.

The second half of the past century was a time of remarkable scientific expansion and knowledge explosion. Biology and health fields were the beneficiaries of many genuine observations and discoveries and, as a result, the health of individuals and the public as a whole improved markedly. The area of sleep and sleep disorders illustrates the advances in knowledge that occurred.

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Sleep is a topic that has long been addressed by writers-but much more frequently by poets than by researchers. As an example, in the beginning of the nineteenth century, Samuel Taylor Coleridge gave us this verse:

Oh, Sleep! It is a gentle thing,
Beloved from pole to pole

Unquestionably, during the last few decades the study of sleep and its biology in health and disease has moved to the forefront of research, and it has revealed a wealth of observations. At the same time, it has attracted the interest of many investigators with expertise in diverse basic disciplines and clinical areas.

The association of sleep disorders with other clinical fields such as cardiology, neurology, mood and attention disorders, and pneumology is well recognized. Sleep deprivation is a medical issue, but also a social one. As a consequence, we have seen a number of societal and regulatory changes to ensure that appropriate sleep time is available.

This series of monographs, Lung Biology in Health and Disease, includes a number of volumes on sleep, the first one having been published in 1984. Seven of these volumes have been exclusively about one or another aspect of sleep, and others, on different subjects, included components related to sleep. However, lack of sleep did not achieve stardom in this series until Dr. Clete Kushida from the world-famous Stanford Sleep Disorders Clinic and Research Center accepted the invitation to edit this volume on Sleep Deprivation: Basic Science, Physiology, and Behavior.

This volume and its companion on Sleep Deprivation: Clinical Issues, Pharmacology, and Sleep Loss Effects are true landmarks in the area of sleep biology and medicine. Dr. Kushida enrolled contributors who have pioneered exploration of the field, and I am grateful to them all for the opportunity to introduce this volume to the readership.


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