Snoring​ ​Cures​ ​Reviews

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Having analyzed the possible causes of snoring, you can talk about the existing methods of treatment. Here we provide common snoring​ ​cures​ ​reviews.

The most common cause of snoring is the weakening of the muscles of the soft palate and

tongue. On the surgical method will tell a little later. First, we must wean ourselves to sleep on

their backs, when the cause of snoring is sink language. By your own will, naturally, to retrain

your body will not work. This is usually advised to proceed as follows: for the night putting on

pajamas with embroidered on the back of a ball for tennis. Wait until your body is reconstructed,

will have about a month. Comfort during sleep, of course, would suffer. Still, if you consider it

important to cure snoring alone, without drugs and surgery, it is one of the best solutions.

But, unfortunately, sleep on your side does not always produce a positive effect. The result may

be such as to get rid of snoring does not succeed, but only diminish its power. Then, in addition

to the above technique you can use a set of exercises to strengthen the muscles of the tongue

of the soft palate and tongue.

First, the movement language. First, try to stick his tongue forward, as it does when you show

your doctor a sore throat. The more you make the effort the better – you should feel how tense

the muscles at the base of tongue. Repeat this exercise 30 times. Then, in contrast, so many

times try to make the language of movement back toward the throat.


Secondly, you can work the jaw. After about 30 movements of the lower jaw forward and back,

you also will promote the strengthening of weak muscles. Then take in the teeth of any object

and hold the force for 5 minutes.

Do not expect quick results from these exercises. But if you repeat every day, morning and

evening, will definitely improve the visible. When the way you cure snoring, but in future you

should only do these exercises periodically to maintain the necessary muscle tone.

To cure snoring were also invented devices, which are placed inside the mouth. Some of them

are somewhat similar to a pacifier for children. The effect of this method of treatment of snoring is based on the idea that language is constantly trying to touch a foreign object located in the mouth, and thus be in tension.

The second device like a protective box with the boxers. But unlike her insertion of snoring is

produced for each person so that the lower jaw was constantly thrust forward. This is necessary

in order to increase the size of the respiratory tract. However, such an insertion is quite

expensive to manufacture (up to three hundred dollars).

Important note about the intraoral appliances. They are best used to treat snoring only when it

manifests itself in mild form, without any complications. And if you have any problems with

breathing through your nose, then their use is inefficient and generally undesirable.

If you snore because of difficulty breathing through the nose there are several solutions. If your

doctor determines that breathing difficulties arise from the curvature of the nasal septum, in

most cases will be sufficient to correct this shortcoming. If the problem lies in the narrowness of the nasal passages, then one effective solution is to use extenders nose in the form of special

springy stickers on the wings. In order to facilitate breathing through the nose, and thus cure

snoring, it is sufficient to maximally-apart wings of the nose glued to a label.


To temporarily relief snoring can be used and special tablets. Their reception is very good, so as

not to disturb the other during the night, for example, when you go to the hospital to hospital.

But these pills are contraindicated for pregnant. Effects of pills is usually noticeably after the first

dose, but the main result of the treatment of snoring is only a few days. Therefore possible to

start taking pills from snoring preferably in advance. But doctors do not recommend ever using

such a method of treatment of snoring, recommending acceptance of such tablets in a period of

not more than a month. After a necessary pause for the same period.

What kind of treatment in each individual case must be decided by a doctor on the results of

polysomnography, which allows you to determine the effect of snoring on the body.

And then,

on this basis, the decision whether to surgery on the soft palate. Without going into the course

of the operation, we can say that it leads to a reduction in the size of the soft palate, thus

eliminating its sagging under palsy.

In this case, it is almost painless and takes about 15

minutes. But do not rely solely on the operation. Unfortunately, the surgery helps to stop snoring is not in all cases, even repeated her conduct does not solve the problem. Conversely, some patients are possible complications after surgery.


Possible causes of snoring can be several, so it is important to correctly set up to advance the

use of any method of treatment of snoring. For example, for people suffering from obesity than

as yet, and snoring may be enough to lose a few pounds. And then the problem of snoring

eliminate itself. For these questions, we recommend that you seek professional help.


As you can see, there are many snoring cures. But for whatever reason it occurs and how it is a

problem for the individual can understand, in consultation with the specialist.Because snoring

may be more serious problems such as lack of oxygen, and even stop breathing during sleep

(obstructive sleep apnea).

And this should be a problem not only for the person snoring, but for

anyone that prevents snoring. The person who snores, can not tell about your problem, since he had it might not feel, therefore, need the assistance of close friends.


Nevertheless, we hope that many snoring not becomes a symptom of some more serious health problems. And get rid of it would be without the intervention of a doctor.

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