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Initially this website was aimed at using snore guard to stop snoring for good. Over the months, from readers feedback it seems that what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for others. Some people might find the solution in a special anti-snoring pillow or a treatment of sleep apnea. Some folks say that snore strips works for them. (which I never believed would work. Ironically, it worked for a lot of people, at least according to the feedback I received on this website) There’s a lot of anti snoring device that keeps the airway open or holds the tongue so it doesn’t fall back into your throat. Some are available through dentist only and some are available off the shelf.

Some peeps uses simple things like jaw supporter and their partner declares happily that he/she don’t snore any more. There’s even those who swear by sleeping positions!
Don’t get me wrong.

I still believe that using stop snoring mouth piece is one of the most effective ways to combat snoring without resulting in a surgery. Which is expensive and unnecessary in most cases. However, since there’s a lot of demand for more information on various snoring technique or snoring device, I’ve decided to include a few in this website. This way you can get a more balanced picture on the types of treatment that are available outside of the snoring guard universe. Which is pretty small.

First of all, the reason why snore guard doesn’t work for some people is because of the complexity in snoring problem. (If it was simple then it wouldn’t be so hard to cure wouldn’t it?) One of the reason is being overweight, which i won’t cover much in this website. Simply because there’s a lot of lose weight information out there already. Plus its way out of scope for this website. (If you need to know, I know a thing or two about weight loss but that’s for another website i’m creating.)

stop snoring devices
The reasons for snoring are vast and varied. There’s jaw problem, tongue blocking the way, sinus issues, and sleep apnea just to name a few. Obviously, snore guard cannot ever hope to solve all of this! Its just a simple plastic device. (Even custom ones is not a magic device) it corrects the jaw problem mostly and prevents the tongue from blocking your airways.
OK, let’s get to the main point here. What topic will I be covering and a summary of each of them.

OK, first thing is my favorite stop snoring device of all. The snore guard. (I could call it mandibular repositioner if I want to get all fancy and smart aleck with you ) Basically its an anti-snoring device that open up the airway. It looks like a mouth guard but its a little bit more than that. It basically hold the lower jaw forward and thus keep your tongue forward at the same time. The best snore guard are custom made and you can get that through dentists only most of the time. (If you have overbite or underbite you pretty much have no choice in this matter because normal mouthpiece device won’t do it for you) If custom made snoring guard is too expensive, then you can get those over the shelf mouthpiece device. The best selling ones allow you to somewhat mold it by biting your lower teeth and upper teeth on the mold. (It has easy step by step instructions on how to do this) For mouth breathing folks, those nice little snoring devices has holes near the back so don’t worry.

I will most likely be covering anti snoring pillow as most readers have gained some positive benefits from using it. What are these? Like the name suggests, these anti snoring pillows are special pillow designed to help you stop snoring. They do it by aligning your posture so your airways is not blocked.

The second thing I would like to discuss is ways to keep your sinus clear. One of the reason people snore is because they’re breathing through their mouth. This leads to snoring, dry mouth and cracked lips. Not too conductive for the morning kiss. Anyway, according to this logic. Solve the sinus blockage problem and you solve your snoring problem right? i wish this is as easy as it sounds. Sinus blockage problem is a chronic problem a lot of people face (not just snorers) and there’s no cure in sight. There’s treatment but it is often ineffective and expensive. this is where is the snoring nose strip comes into picture.

They claim to be able to solve the sinus blockage problem. You shall see how effective it is in a minute.Anyway, i don’t limit my focus on only sinus blockage serum or nasal strips marketed for snorers. I venture out and beyond to search for a solution for blocked sinus and weird solutions is the result. How weird? I don’t know about you but pouring salt water through my sinus using a tea pot like pot and having the salt water comes out from another sinus is pretty weird for me!

Another snoring aid worth noting is the snoring chin strap. Much like the sinus blockage theory of snoring. This device closes your mouth to “forces” you to breath through your nose. Its pretty uncomfortable for some to have something strapped on their chin to keep their jaw locked down so its not really something that I recommend. however, I promised more articles so there it is. The good thing about snoring chin strap is that it can be worn around your head so it stays there firmly unlike snore guard. (A lot of people just spit it out at night) Anyway. if you have sinus blockage problem in the first place then this obviously is not gonna work too well for you unless you live to be deprived of oxygen. If that’s the case, then i would suggest that you go to the sinus de congestion section of this website here.

Another thing that I would like to talk about is the sleep apnea problem. Not surprisingly, most people who came looking for a snore guard are actually experiencing sleep apnea too. This is normal for snorers because its a related problem basically. You might not know it but your health might be suffering right now because of sleep apnea. What is sleep apnea and what’s the difference between snoring and sleep apnea you ask? Basically it is the cessation of the breathing process when you sleep at night. Because of various reasons like nasal congestion for example. (Sounds similar to snoring doesn’t it?) So yes, I will be talking about sleep apnea cessation aid devices like CPAP and snore guards capable of treating sleep apnea effectively. Sleep apnea appliances are normally clunky and expensive so I’ll try to cover some cheaper anti sleep apnea aid as well.

And finally, I will have some articles about sleep disorder in general and how they might be the snoring solution. (as unrelated as they may seem, a chin strap might help you sleep better tonight) If you want to stop snoring now its imperative that you learn as much as you can about not only how to stop snoring but sleeping disorder as well.

The good thing about all of the devices above is that they’re not a mandibular advancement device, (which is what snore guard is) this means you don’t need to advance your lower jaw forward. Which is very uncomfortable for a lot of people.

I will also have some kind of star rating on the website so feel free to vote for the product and write a review if you’ve used it before. Please be aware that I do not approve reviews/comments that has a link back to their site. These are normally “fake” or spam reviews. I would like to keep things clean and unbiased as much as possible here.

OK, i think this is enough addition to the website. I have a day job after all. I hope you enjoyed your stay here and do post on the comments section below to give me more ideas on ways to stop snoring. Tell me what have worked for you best, what sleeping position you think contribute to your snoring problem and etc. I read them all. Unless you’re a spammer which i discard faster than you can blink. This website is all about finding the smarter solution against snoring so feel free to contribute and share. Try to be more helpful by adding in more details, like what is the device made from? Is it made from soft plastic or soft silicone? Is it a custom-made device? How loud is your snoring before (loud obnoxious snoring perhaps? haha) Like I said earlier, there is not one size fits all device out there. You need to try every oral appliances, anti snore device, and maybe even sleep aid.

P.S. I don’t think I will be discussing other snoring remedies like using herbs, clearing your throat and etc because its pretty out of scope for this website. But you can contribute on this blog about those treatments, Remember to put in as much detail as possible including side effects (if there’s any) Oh, you can also put funny comments like your snoring habit and even talk about your snoring problems in general.

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